Quercetin: Clinical trials begin…
high doses of Quercetin for antiviral activity

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Dr. Michel Chrétien‘s team at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal began trials using the FDA-approved, plant-based flavonoid called Quercetin, in order to evaluate its antiviral activity.

Presently, Quercetin is available in pill-form, and is taken regularly by many Americans for a variety of health-promoting effects. Dr. Chrétien referenced his earlier in vivo clinical studies where he saw how it worked against ebola, zika virus and SARS. His research team is now beginning clinical trials on humans in Chinese hospitals by administering high dose Quercetin to patients with coronavirus.

Dr. Chrétien stated that Quercetin has no side effects and is safe in humans. He believes we have nothing to lose by using it now. In theory, it works as an antiviral by diminishing the entry of the virus into the cell. “It also prepares the body to react better against the infection,” states Dr. Chrétien.

His team hopes that, in the next few weeks to months as the Quercetin trial unfolds in China in humans, they will be able to determine if Quercetin is effective as an antiviral treatment against coronavirus.

Watch and observe as research findings continue to be published.

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