Can acoustic shockwave theraphy really Help my erection?

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This is a question echoed in the hearts of many of the 30 million men that currently suffer from erectile dysfunction in the United States alone. At some point in their lifetime, 1 in 10 men is expected to have suffered from erectile dysfunction. By the year 2025, the global prevalence is expected to increase to over 322 million men, quite a staggering number. Erectile dysfunction, also known as male sexual dysfunction, has many causes some of which are so common that almost any man can suffer from it at some point in their lifetime.

Due to its importance as a defining factor in the sexual health, satisfaction and well-being of many individuals, millions of dollars have gone into the research and production of pharmaceutical products that offer a solution to the problem of impotence, with varying degrees of effectiveness. It is in this same light that the use of shockwave therapy as an erectile dysfunction treatment was discovered.


Shockwave therapy has been in use in medical practice longer than its discovered purpose for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Urologists have used this technique in the treatment of kidney stones as well as in some orthopedic surgical procedures. It is a non-invasive technique that makes use of light shockwaves to stimulate tissues and blood vessels to induce tissue growth and increase blood flow. Because the mechanism of erection works by an increase of blood flow to the penile tissues, it is easy to see how this novel technique has found its way into this treatment regimen.

The university of Utah, for example, has recorded tremendous promising experimental results in the use of this technique with the available data showing that wave therapy can stimulate and increase blood flow, while potentially aiding the growth of new blood vessels.

One study carried out on 710 participants who each received the treatment for 5 weeks showed significant improvements in erectile quality in these participants, regardless of whether they were concurrently on another medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or not. Researchers suggest that the best outcomes for this treatment will be achieved with a longer-term course of therapy.


Shockwave therapy requires a medical profession to perform it even though it is more or less a straightforward procedure. Basically, the practitioner performing the procedure applies a hand-held probe device with a gel interface onto the surface of the patient’s skin for easy conduction of the sound wave impulse.

No anesthetic administration is required, as the shockwave is passed through into the tissues and truly is painless. The procedure will typically last an average of 20 minutes for each visit and a tingling sensation may be felt while the treatment is ongoing.


Like all medical procedures and therapeutic medications, there is always a potential risk of an unwanted outcome. Some of the risks involved in shockwave treatment of erectile dysfunction include:
• Bleeding around the skin of the penis
• Penile skin infection
• Blood in the urine
• Penile pain during intercourse
• Rarely, pain during procedure

It is important to note that shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction is still an experimental procedure and has yet to get the FDA nod in the United States. If you think the procedure is right for you, however, or you would like to give it a try, shockwave therapy for male sexual dysfunction treatment can be done under approved experimental conditions and as an off-label treatment.

You may want to consider signing up for one. If so, it is recommended that you first consult with our doctors or nurse practitioners to ensure you are eligible for this procedure. It would also be helpful to ascertain that the shockwave therapy practitioner possesses the necessary knowledge and experience as well as the right treatment machines that are capable of delivering energy levels that are effective.


Erectile dysfunction is caused by a myriad of factors, therefore, it is best to first reach a clinical diagnosis and pinpoint the focal cause before commencing male sexual dysfunction treatment. About 25% of cases are medication-related, while other causes include obesity, smoking, depression, stress, renal disease, and diabetes.

The most common cause, however, is a vascular condition, i.e. lack of blood flow, and this is the category for which shockwave therapy is a suitable option, since it functions by increasing the flow of blood through these vascular channels. Maybe you are tired of medications such as Sildenafil, Vardenafil, and Tadalafil, which are PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase) inhibitors that also act to increase blood flow through the penile vasculature. Lifestyle modifications can also help, such as regular exercise, healthy nutrition, cessation of smoking, alcohol intake, and testosterone optimization.

You may be a candidate for shockwave therapy if:

• You have not been satisfactorily responsive to the use of medication.
• You do not want an invasive surgical procedure, and would rather have a painless, procedure with no associated downtime.

As shockwave therapy is still in the experimental phase, you will not find insurance coverage for this procedure. Joy Wellness Partners is happy to share its payment plan options with you when you schedule your first consultation. We hope to hear from you today!

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