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Try Carol’s Favorite Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cake

This gluten free pumpkin cake recipe is simple to make and has the perfect balance of pumpkin, sugar and spice. I couldn’t believe how quick, easy and fool-proof it was to make it perfectly the first time. I had fun crafting it to be lower in sugar and full of healthy fats and protein for my work family’s enjoyment.

What is Testosterone Therapy for Men?

As you age, the hormones in your body tend to change. While the decrease in hormone levels experienced by women in their middle ages is well-known as menopause, did you know that men also experience a decrease in their hormone levels–primarily in testosterone?

How To Get Better Sleep

Sleep. That wonderful activity when your body gets to unwind and relax as you slip off into dreamland. Except if sleep doesn’t come as easy for you… especially if you’ve been suspecting hormonal imbalance.

What You Should Know about Hypothyroidism

Did you know that over 30 million people suffer from a thyroid condition? And did you know that women are 5 to 10 times more likely to have hypothyroidism than men?

What to Expect at Your First Ultrasound Visit: Peptides & Perineural Injections

Before your first appointment in our Regenerative Medicine Clinic, we wanted to provide you with some information about what to expect.
You will first undergo an interview with one of our providers as well as our Sonologist, Dr. Michael Meng, to discuss the course of your current symptoms.

What to Expect Before, During, and After Your Stellate Ganglion Block Procedure

Carol Bender, NP, explains the necessary steps that you’ll need to follow before your stellate ganglion block procedure.

Why Is It So Hard to Work Out Again?

Although every state has its own modified lockdowns and phases, maybe you’ve decided it’s time that you get back to your fitness routine. Whether that means you’ll go to the gym (depending on your state and local gym guidelines), or you’ll work out at home, you know it’s time to get back in shape.

Benefits of Vitamin Infusion Therapy Versus Taking Vitamins Orally

Why should you get IV nutrient therapy when you can buy over-the-counter oral supplements and take them in the comfort of your own home? This is a question I receive frequently when individuals are weighing the benefits of IV therapy.

Should I get a Regenerative Hair Treatment?

Does hair loss or balding bother you? Does it keep you from living your best life? Are you unsure of what to do? We have a great solution for you: PRP Hair Restoration. PRP therapy is a simple, non-surgical, cost-effective solution to hair loss for both males and females of all ages.

What Is NAD+ And Why It Matters For Your Health

It’s that time of year again: your birthday. While some of us thoroughly enjoy our birthdays, some of us may not share the same level of enthusiasm or excitement as we once did. With every passing year, we may start to wonder if there is a way to somehow slow down the aging process.

Everything You Should Know About the O-Shot® (Orgasm Shot)

If you had the opportunity to seek medical treatment to improve your sex life and have stronger orgasms, would you do it? For many women, sexual intimacy and enjoyment can be a sore subject that leaves them feeling frustrated and disappointed rather than satisfied and happy. And the dissatisfaction increases when sexual dysfunction is part of the equation.

What Is the P-Shot® (and Should You Get One)?

One study from 2018 published in the Archives of Sex** found that stress, depression, and anxiety can be linked to a low libido. These factors–along with lack of self-esteem or self-confidence–can cause you to either “not be in the mood” or struggle with sexual intimacy with your partner(s).

Holiday Bon Bons Perfect for the Family (and Your Health)

Are you craving something sweet, but don’t want to break your diet? As the holiday season approaches, it’s easy to ignore your workout routines and dieting in favor of junk food and sweet treats. We’re only human, after all.

Everything You Need to Know about Hormone Balancing

As we age, our body’s hormones will adapt and change to match our stages in life. These changes to our body can help fairly comfortably with little to no imbalances, but sometimes they can be uncomfortable and bothersome with the symptoms they produce.

Meet Carol Bender | Our Founder & Nurse Practitioner

Carol: Our business is more than just a clinic – we are transforming the future of medicine. We promote the body’s own regenerative potential to heal itself. We strive to use the most advanced scientific research supporting natural and bio-identical methods of care, keeping the body healthy and/or restoring the body to an optimal level of health…

Does BioTe Hormone Replacement Therapy Really Work?
A Client’s Testimonial

Have you considered trying BioTe hormone replacement therapy, but you weren’t sure about whether the results were successful? Well, we’ve got great news for you–and so does David, one of our clients! 

Hydrodissection for Chronic Pain

Often times nagging injuries and chronic pain are caused by nerves not working right. Imagine the power cord to your computer getting bent and squeezed to the point that the wires inside it start to fray. Eventually, the power cord doesn’t work and we can’t charge our battery.

Flu Shot Information

Learn how to get a flu vaccine as an add-on, view frequently asked questions and more. During this COVID-19 pandemic, let us help you navigate through the flu season by adding a flu shot to your services. We’ll help you learn how to get one and stay updated on the..

Inositol for fertility

Inositol is often advertised and prescribed for patients from dietitians, functional medicine doctors, and from integrative OB/GYNs. Let me break down the why’s behind it. What are inositols? They are B-vitamin “relatives” and are a part of cell membranes…

Glutathione and Fertility

Let me share with you some glutathione basics. Glutathione is a combination of the amino acids glutamine, glycine, and cystine. It is made naturally in our bodies and it’s a powerhouse of an antioxidant.

It protects our cells when we metabolize calories to make fuel!

Neuroprotection for Neurologic Disease | Part 2

Neuroprotection refers to a preservation of the nervous system and delay of neuron death after an injury, neurodegenerative disease, or chronic stress to the nervous system. For individuals and their families, neuroprotection means a longer period of better quality of life.

Post Stellate Ganglion Block Procedure | Nicole’s Testimonial & Success

I’ve been seeing Carol for over a year to be proactive about my wellness. Most recently, I’ve been seeing Sophia for nutrition help and was able to find out more ways I can improve my health…

The Most Important BLOOD TESTS

Some doctors do not order yearly blood tests, or only focus on a few basics, unless someone displays symptoms of disease. We believe in prevention, however, so if a disease is already symptomatic, it may be too late to stop it.

Peptides Sweeten Your Life Beyond Hormone Replacement Therapy

Peptide therapy is an exciting, cutting-edge medical intervention that targets specific outcomes in the body for health optimization. Peptides are specifically-formulated amino acid sequences, i.e. small pieces of proteins, that are already found naturally occurring in the body. When properly dosed and administered, peptides bind to specific receptors on cells and signal specific messages to achieve unique and varied outcomes in the body.

Neuroprotection for Neurologic Disease | Part 1

Neuroprotection refers to a preservation of the nervous system and delay of neuron death after an injury, neurodegenerative disease, or chronic stress to the nervous system. For individuals and their families, neuroprotection means a longer period of better quality of life. For clinicians, it means a maintenance of function of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, and a delay of disease milestones, such as forgetfulness, depression, falling, seizures or dementia.

Did Stress Trigger Your Hormonal Imbalance?

Hormonal imbalances can cause a variety of complications, from lack of motivation to poor sleep quality to weight gain to anxiety and more.

In a 2019 survey commissioned by Dr. Anna Cabeca, OB/GYN, author of “The Hormone Fix,” out of 2,000 American women surveyed between aged 30 to 60, nearly half of them have experienced the symptoms of a hormone imbalance.

2020-2021 Flu Vaccine Facts

It’s important to get the flu vaccine every year. This is for two reasons: first, immunity (protection) decreases over time. Second, the flu viruses are constantly changing — so the vaccine is updated often to give the best protection.

Boost Your Brain Power

Keep your brain healthy and strong during the coronavirus pandemic with these tips from The Mayo Clinic.

Stay-sane While You Stay-at-home!

Tips and tricks for families and parents.
By Tiffany Seel Front Desk and HR Manager Posted March 31, 2020 In COVID-19

Supplements & Side Effects*

Starting or stopping new medications and supplements:
always consult your medical provider first.
By Carol Bender, NP Posted March 27, 2020 In Health

A letter to our clientele, we’re here for you.

We’re grateful for our clientele. You make it easy for us to stay motivated and on task during times like these. We truly believe we can help flatten the curve together and make an impact locally on the Coronavirus pandemic.

How to Fix Hair Loss or Hair Thinning?

While hair loss can be confusing, scary and adversely affect your self-esteem, diagnosing the cause is essential to developing a treatment plan that can yield results.

Sophia The Dietitian

It occurred to me that some of the newer patients might not know about me or what I do! So here goes.

Hair Loss and Hormones

Did you know: Hair loss and thinning occurs all over the scalp in women; while in men, the hair on the sides and back of the head typically remains healthy, even when balding occurs on the top of the head (male pattern hair loss).

FSA & HSA Frequently Asked Questions

By Carol Bender, NP Posted March 7, 2020 In Health
What exactly is an FSA or HSA card?
How much can I put into my FSA or HSA each year?

Congratulations to our Big Birthday Winner!

As we look back on our growth, it is truly astonishing. We started with one treatment room and one treatment day a week, and have grown to nine treatment rooms and services offered six days a week. We originally had a team of three, and now we have a team of 15.

Do you pee when you workout?

Treating Stress Incontinence: If you occasionally pee during your workout – or when you laugh, cough, dance or sneeze – you’re not alone!

Sweet Potato Blueberry Muffins

Did you know the fiber and antioxidants in sweet potatoes may help promote gut health, support the immune system, enhance brain function, improve vision, etc.

Neurofeedback Therapy: guided exercise for the brain.

Neurofeedback, also known as EEG Biofeedback, is a learning modality designed to retrain dysregulated brainwave patterns. In doing so, the brain becomes more stable and is able to operate optimally and efficiently. It is completely noninvasive and is considered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be safe.

Gluten-free friend

Everybody has “that” friend. You know who I mean. I’m talking about the person who asks for their salad without croutons, or who goes to the craft brewery and orders a wine.

It’s your gluten-free friend and these days, everybody’s got one (or more)!

HORMONE LEVELS: “My doctor says I’m “normal,” but why don’t I feel good?

“Normal” ranges on lab tests are determined by averaging results of 20 to 80-year olds, with a majority of the sample group being age 50 and above. As a result, this average “normal range” does not accurately reflect optimal levels of hormones, which we can see in individuals who are young and healthy.

Adrienne’s Experience: Regenerative Medicine for Neurological Disorders

Around Christmas of 2018 I was outside sprinting with our young boxer puppy when I fell in the driveway. I don’t actually remember the fall but I lay there for about 45 minutes, unable to get up. It felt like a weight was holding me down. We live out in the country so there was no one around to help me up. Eventually I was able to get up. At first, I thought maybe the dog tripped me but now I know that wasn’t the case.

Joy Wellness Partners Announces Partnership with Aspire Regenerative

Joy Wellness Partners is proud to announce that as of Q1 2020, we will begin a strategic partnership with leading regenerative specialists at Aspire Regenerative in San Diego. Medical Director, Ryan McNally ND MS PA will be working conjointly with us to provide all our patients with the latest in adjuvant therapy that will help improve our already amazing outcomes at Joy Wellness Partners.

Bob’s Story: Regenerative Medicine for Chronic Back Pain

At his first visit to JWP, Bob’s ultrasound showed evidence of several major conditions including degenerative discs! The JWP team went to work with Bob creating a treatment plan to get him relief. Bob’s plan included ultrasound-guided hydrodissections, joint injections and intrathecal regenerative medicine treatments, which he received over the course of two visits.