Our Charities

At Joy Wellness Partners, we proudly collaborate with multiple giveback organizations dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

These partnerships reflect our commitment to supporting veterans and fostering community connections. Learn more about these incredible charities, each of whom fund or facilitate the care of veterans and their families through Joy Wellness Partners and other community partners.

Whether you are either a military spouse or military veteran interested in receiving support for their amazing services, or you’d like to pay it forward to someone else in need, please contact them to learn more.

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‘’The Lifetime Transition Partner of Navy SEALs’’

SEALs face significant challenges post-service, including post-traumatic stress, injuries, and chronic pain. SEAL Future Foundation (SFF) plays a vital role in bridging this gap by connecting SEALs with essential healthcare professionals and covering treatment expenses. In 2022, Joy Wellness Partners became an SFF-certified healthcare provider, enhancing our ability to offer top-tier healthcare to retired SEALs. Our health partnership helps SEALs to heal from injuries during their time in service and then return to high-capacity function upon retirement.

"Saving lives one veteran at a time"

This organization is on a mission to support deployed troops, homeless veterans, and those dealing with PTSD/PTSI. Starting in 2022, Joy Wellness Partners is an approved center for Stellate Ganglion Blocks (SGBs) funded by For the Love of a Veteran, making treatments more accessible for veterans, first responders, and healthcare workers.
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‘’When women support each other, incredible things happen’’

The STEPS Foundation is a beacon of hope for families of Special Operations Forces (SOF) as they navigate the challenging transition back into civilian life. Committed to women helping women, STEPS offers resources, support, and a sisterhood that empowers these families to heal and thrive. Through established pillars of strength and unwavering support, STEPS Foundation uplifts SOF families during their times of greatest need, providing solace, strength, and a renewed sense of purpose. Join our network of hope and strength to make a difference today.

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