What is Testosterone Therapy for Men?

As you age, the hormones in your body tend to change. While the decrease in hormone levels experienced by women in their middle ages is well-known as menopause, did you know that men also experience a decrease in their hormone levels–primarily in testosterone? In men, this is often referred to as andropause.

While this research is still relatively new, scientists are finding that after age 30, levels of testosterone in men and women decline by 10% to 30% each decade 

Although testosterone declines naturally with stress, poor nutrition and age, overtraining can also exacerbate the symptoms of andropause. But, if low testosterone (and thus andropause) is such a widespread issue, why aren’t more men receiving treatment?

We can’t answer that question, but we can fight the stigma of men’s age-related hormone changes and testosterone loss with our Testosterone Therapy for Men

How does testosterone therapy work?

Prior to treatment, you will complete a blood test and receive a comprehensive hormone analysis to determine if you are a candidate.

Next, with the help of your provider, you’ll decide which version of testosterone you prefer.

What types of testosterone do you offer?

At Joy Wellness Partners, the following options are available for men:

  1. Shots twice a week; 2. Cream every day; or 3. Pellets twice a year.

Pellets and cream testosterone are from a plant-based source, and are bioidentical, meaning they match the body’s exact molecule of testosterone. Injectable testosterone cypionate is a synthetic version of testosterone, but it is safe when done under the care of a medical professional.

How long until I feel the effects?

Result times will vary.

You should start to feel the benefits of the treatment–including increased mental clarity and energy levels–within a month of the first treatment. After a year of testosterone replacement therapy, your symptoms will continue to improve, including lower cholesterol levels, decreased belly fat, increased muscle mass, restored morning erections, and better sleep.

This sounds too good to be true! What are the side effects?

Testosterone therapy side effects may vary.

The most common side effects reported are rashes, itching, or irritation where the testosterone was applied. Additionally, 10% of men may notice more acne, transient hair thinning and testicular shrinkage, but these side effects are usually dependent on the dose of testosterone and are reversible if you mention them to your care provider. A widespread study is currently being performed in the US to learn the benefits of testosterone pellet therapy, but international journals have long shared the benefits of testosterone on energy, sex drive, sleep, mood and overall health. Anecdotal evidence of our clients tells a story as well: our providers have helped thousands of patients to balance their hormones and optimize their life. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding your health.

How do I get started?

Schedule a consultation with us. We look forward to seeing you soon!



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