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Are you experiencing persistent pain or injury and seeking revolutionary,
non-invasive treatment?

Discover the transformative power of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy at our PRP injections clinic in San Diego. Embrace a safe, cost-effective solution renowned for accelerating the repair process of damaged tissues and mitigating pain, all without the need for surgery.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our PRP injections harness your body’s intrinsic healing capabilities, channeling growth factors and plasma cells from your own blood to stimulate cell regeneration and expedite recovery. Trusted by high-profile athletes for injury treatment, PRP therapy ensures you can perform at your peak, free from invasive procedures. Still questioning if PRP is the right choice for you?
We are here to guide you.

PRP from the Professionals

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With our advanced ultrasound diagnostics, we’ll unveil the source of your pain, recommend the most effective therapy tailored for you and partner with you to rejuvenate your health and vitality.


Anthony Crumrine
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I had been suffering from back pain for over fifteen years, and within fifteen minutes of being at Joy Wellness Partners I learned everything I needed to know about the road to recovery. All of my past doctor visits and ER trips were never beneficial;they only provided me with pain medication to put a band-aid on the problem instead of fixing the underlying issue. It wasn't until I had a PRP treatment done at Joy Wellness Partners that I actually started to feel a difference. Carol Bender did the treatment and helped me understand everything that was going on during the process. She and her staff made me feel comfortable and very hopeful for the future. It is now a year later, and with all of the help of Carol and her team, I can honestly say that I feel a million times better. I would highly recommend Joy Wellness Partners to anyone looking for the same results!
Chris Nunez
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I had Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) done here on my ankle and knee after getting injured doing jiu-jitsu. I used to not be able to sit back on my knee due to pain. After the injections I started healing and eventually healed enough to continue training and competing without discomfort. I've also had vitamin B shots done here….always great customer service and fair pricing
Ian Hanselman
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As a Division 1 collegiate athlete, my health is my number one priority. Prior to my visit, I had severe tendonitis in both knees, which would often keep me from practicing or training. I was treated with PRP injections in both knees and within a week I was pain-free in both knees. It has now been over a year, and I am still completely pain-free. This treatment has been a huge blessing, and has dramatically increased my ability to train at a high level.
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I am SO thankful for Joy Wellness Partners!! I was in a bad spot a year ago...I was feeling so badly ~ my knee was in pain, & my back as well. The Platelet Rich Plasma on my knee and back have changed everything! So worth it!! You don't have to live with pain! You don't have to suffer through menopause! Get help by starting a consult with JWP!! The staff is incredibly nice and helpful too!

Benefits of PRP:

  • Rapid healing of orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Safe, cost-effective, and nonsurgical treatment options
  • Personalized therapy plans guided by ultrasound diagnostics
  • Easy access to the same advanced treatment trusted by top athletes
  • Expert care and precision with ultrasound-guided PRP injections
  • Minimal downtime

The PRP Process:

Step 1 – Diagnosis and Personalized Consultation:

At our PRP injections clinic, we initiate the healing process by thoroughly understanding your body and the source of your pain or injury. Utilizing cutting-edge ultrasound technology, our experienced musculoskeletal ultrasound doctor conducts a precise diagnosis, revealing the specific area that needs attention in real-time and with extreme accuracy. This powerful diagnostic tool enables us to recommend a course of action tailored to your body’s unique needs, ensuring a targeted and effective approach to healing. Because we use ultrasound technology to diagnose your pain and injury, treatment recommendations are discussed with you while you are in the treatment room. If desired, you can receive treatment immediately.

Step 2 – Preparing Your PRP and Ultrasound-Guided Treatment:

With a clear understanding of your condition, we move forward to the treatment phase. Your blood is processed using advanced centrifuge technology, isolating the Platelet-Rich Plasma essential for your treatment. All of our PRP and regenerative injections are meticulously administered under ultrasound guidance, guaranteeing unparalleled precision and accuracy in delivering the regenerative solution directly to the area of damage or injury.


Step 3 – Recovery and Follow-Up with Ultrasound Assessment:

Post-treatment, you can immediately resume most normal activities, with the potential to return to more strenuous activities within a few weeks, depending on the severity of your injury. To monitor your recovery and ensure optimum results, we schedule a follow-up appointment. During this session, our medical experts use ultrasound to examine the treated area, assessing the healing progress and making sure you are on the right track to full recovery. Our commitment is to your health and satisfaction and this follow-up exam ensures that you are happy, healthy and have achieved the desired outcomes from your PRP therapy.

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Harnessing growth factors to accelerate tissue repair and regeneration.

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Frequently Asked Questions About PRP Injections

While many high-profile athletes rely on PRP therapy for quick recovery, our therapies are available to anyone seeking relief from orthopedic or musculoskeletal injuries. Our approach is personalized to meet the unique needs of each individual, ensuring optimal results.

During your initial consultation, our experienced medical providers utilize advanced ultrasound technology to diagnose the source of your pain accurately. Based on this highly-accurate assessment and our years of experience, we will be able to recommend the most effective treatment options, tailored to your specific condition. It is perfectly okay not to know which solution will be best for you in advance; following our diagnosis, we will share our recommendations with you so that you can make an informed decision and move forward with a treatment immediately, if desired.

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