Embrace Balance with the
Women's Hormone Therapy Clinic
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Transformative Hormone Therapy for Women

Transformative Hormone Therapy for Women

At Joy Wellness Partners, we specialize in women’s hormone therapy, offering a path to rejuvenation and balance. Our hormone therapy clinic provides tailored solutions for women experiencing hormonal imbalances due to menopause, perimenopause and other hormonal changes.


“Carol has made such a difference for me and my husband with the Biote® pellet. Literally within a day I can feel my head clear with hormone therapy. Game changer.”

Tiffani Baumann

Why Choose Our Women's Hormone Therapy Clinic?

Our expert team at Joy Wellness Partners understands the unique needs of women when it comes to hormone therapy. As specialists in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women, we offer treatments that bring relief from menopausal symptoms, hormonal imbalances and other related conditions.

Benefits of JWP Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women?

  • Eased Menopausal Symptoms
    Alleviate hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings.
  • Enhanced Wellbeing
    Improve your overall quality of life and regain your youthful energy.
  • Customized Treatment Plans
    Receive personalized hormone therapy solutions tailored to your individual needs.
  • Expert Care
    Our female hormone specialists are dedicated to providing compassionate and effective care.

Our Approach to Women's Hormone Therapy

At Joy Wellness Partners, we believe in a holistic approach to women’s health. Our hormone therapy clinic offers a range of treatment options, including:

  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
    We offer safe, natural treatment options that mimic your body’s hormones.
  • Customized Hormone Pellets
    We tailor your hormone pellet doses to your body’s specific needs for optimal balance.
  • Comprehensive Support
    From initial consultation to follow-up care, we are with you every step of the way.

Read more about our specialized services for your unique needs and goals:

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Elevate testosterone levels with our specialized therapy.

Rebalance your hormones for improved wellbeing; multiple options to ensure the best possible outcome for your needs.

Explore further details about our various membership options.

Hormone Therapy Journey

Step-by-Step to Your Optimal Health

Step 1: Schedule a free consultation at our San Diego clinic, simply call or text us at (858) 609 0866 or email us at info@joywellnesspartners.com.

If you’re closer to our Utah location, give us a call or text at (801) 999 8356 or reach out via email at utah@joywellnesspartners.com.

Step 2: Visit our clinic for a detailed pre-treatment assessment and blood draw.

Step 3: Receive a tailored treatment plan to optimize your hormone levels.

JWP® Hormone Replacement Therapy Plan

Our comprehensive membership plan includes:

  • Annual initial labs and consultations.
  • Choice of hormone form: pellets, creams or shots.
  • Inclusion of DIM 300mg/day for therapy duration.
  • Follow-up consultations and post-treatment labs.

Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts on services and products.
  • Access to special events and offers.

Flexible Payment Options:

San Diego Prices

Option 1: Pay $2497* upfront for a year of coverage.

Option 2: Opt for manageable monthly payments of $249** (Minimum 1-year commitment)

Utah Prices

Option 1: Pay $1999* upfront for a year of coverage.

Option 2: Opt for manageable monthly payments of$199** (Minimum 1-year commitment)

Frequently Asked Questions

While individual experiences vary, most women begin to notice improvements within a few weeks.

Yes, we offer various forms including pellets, creams and injections, all tailored to your specific needs.

Coverage can vary, so we recommend checking with your insurance provider. We also offer flexible payment plans.

Yes, women do need testosterone, as it plays a crucial role in their overall health and wellbeing. Optimal testosterone levels for women, often around 150-250 ng/dL, are associated with maintaining fitness, libido, weight management and motivation. However, these levels typically decline with age, stress and exposure to toxins, while estrogen levels fluctuate, leading to hormonal imbalances that can affect physical and mental health.

Bioidentical progesterone, identical to the body’s natural hormone, is derived from plants and well-tolerated in hormone therapy. Synthetic progestins, however, are chemically modified and may carry risks, like increased breast cancer and cardiovascular issues, when used with estrogen.

Comparison Chart of Testosterone Delivery Methods

Delivery Method






Liquid form of hormoneadministered via injections, subcutaneously or  intramuscularly.

Cream or gel applied to the skin, allowing hormone to be absorbed through the skin.

Small lozenges that dissolve in the mouth, releasing hormone for absorption.

Small, cylindrical pellets implanted under the skin, releasing hormone over an extended period.

Onset of Action

Rapid onset, with peak levels shortly after injection.

Gradual absorption, with more stable levels over time.

Relatively quick onset, as oral mucosa absorbs the hormone.

Slow and steady release over several months, providing consistent hormone levels.

Dosage Frequency

Typically weekly or bi-weekly injections.

Daily application is common.

Usually taken daily or as directed.

Pellets are implanted every 3-6 months.


Requires injections, which might be less convenient for some.

Easy to apply but requires regular daily application.

Convenient but requires consistent daily use.

Very convenient after initial placement, with no daily action required.

Side Effects

Potential for peaks and troughs in hormone levels, and injection site reactions.

Can transfer to others through skin contact and may causeskin irritation.

Can affect dental health;inconsistent absorption.

Requires a minor in-office surgical procedure withpotential for infection at the implant site.

Control Over Dosing

Dosage can be easily adjusted.

Dosage can be adjusted, but absorption rate may vary.

Dosing can be adjusted, but absorption might be inconsistent.

Once implanted, dose cannot be adjusted until the next implantation.

*Pricing is specific to each location. Please regard the pricing listed for San Diego, CA, as a reference point and contact your nearest location to confirm the precise pricing details.

**Minimum 1-year commitment

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