Transform Your Health with Testosterone Replacement Therapy at Joy Wellness Partners

Elevate Your Vitality and Wellbeing

At the Joy Wellness Partners’ testosterone replacement therapy clinic, we don’t only want to restore testosterone levels; we’re also interested in optimizing your overall health and wellness. We understand that hormonal changes are a natural part of aging for men, much like menopause in women. Our clinic provides comprehensive solutions to these age-related changes, ensuring you feel rejuvenated and at your best.

Understanding Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The Importance of Balanced Testosterone

Balanced testosterone levels are crucial for maintaining energy, muscle mass, mental clarity and sexual health. Our clinic specializes in identifying and targeting low testosterone levels with a range of treatment options, tailored to your individual needs.

Real People. Real Results.

Our Testosterone Therapy Approach

Personalized Consultation

Begin with a comprehensive consultation to assess your hormonal health.

Diagnostic Evaluation

We conduct thorough blood tests to determine your specific needs.

Customized Treatment Plan

Based on your results, we’ll recommend the best therapeutic option, whether it’s testosterone shots, pellets, cream or even peptides and vitamins to optimize testosterone and fertility.


‘’After the JWP team did a full analysis of my history, blood panel, goals and needs, we discovered my testosterone levels were extremely low. This was one of the causes of my being overweight and having a hard time losing weight, especially in my stomach area, a.k.a. belly fat. I started the hormone therapy treatments right away, and have to report that I feel young, strong, driven, energetic, clear minded and ready to rock the house again like I did when I was younger. I didn’t realize that I could feel this good again. I have lost over 20 pounds, added muscle, and leaned out – almost all of my belly is gone. A body transformation. You get the idea, the list goes on and on.’’

David ~ Husband, Father, Business Man

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Say goodbye to fatigue and regain your zest for daily activities.
Experience a positive change in body composition and strength.
Improve your mental clarity and cognitive functions.

Revive your sexual wellness and performance. Reduce body fat and improve muscle tone.

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for your unique needs and goals:

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Learn about tailored solutions for women’s hormonal health.

Rebalance your hormones for improved wellbeing with multiple options to ensure the best possible outcome for your needs.

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Step-by-Step to Your Optimal Health

Step 1: For our San Diego clinic, simply call or text us at (858) 609 0866 or email us at

If you’re closer to our Utah location, give us a call or text at (801) 999 8356 or reach out via email at
Step 2: Visit our clinic for an initial consultation and blood draw.
Step 3: Receive a detailed review of your blood test results and a tailored health plan to optimize your testosterone levels.

JWP® Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Membership Plan

Our Comprehensive Membership Plan Includes:

  • Annual initial labs and consultations
  • Choice of testosterone delivery: pellets, creams or shots
  • DIM supplement (300mg/day) for duration of therapy
  • Follow-up consultations and labs post therapy


Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts on services and products.
  • Access to special events and offers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Testosterone Therapy

Most clients begin experiencing benefits within a few weeks after starting the therapy.

We offer testosterone in various forms including shots, pellets and creams, as well as natural vitamins and peptides to boost testosterone naturally. All treatment plans are tailored to individual needs and preferences.

At Joy Wellness Partners, we require payment in full at the time of service, as we do not work directly with insurance companies or Medicare. However, we do accept Flex Spending Account (FSA) cards and Health Savings Account (HSA) cards for your convenience.

Absolutely! Joy Wellness Partners provides flexible payment options, including both annual and monthly plans to accommodate your financial situation. Additionally, we collaborate with Advance Care Card, offering a zero-interest payment alternative for our patients’ ease.

Begin Your Journey to Enhanced Health

Don’t let hormonal imbalances diminish your quality of life. Contact Joy Wellness Partners today to start your journey to a healthier, more vibrant you.
See this Comparison Chart of Testosterone Methods to understand the pros and cons of each method of testosterone therapy offered at Joy Wellness Partners.


Delivery Method


Topical Cream




Liquid form of testosterone administered via injections, subcutaneously or  intramuscularly.

Cream or oil form of testosterone, applied to the skin, allowing hormones to be absorbed through the skin.

Small, cylindrical pellets of testosterone implanted under the skin, releasing hormones over an extended period of time. 

Oral or injectable peptides and vitamins can boost the body’s natural production of testosterone or hormones that boost fertility.

Onset of Action

Rapid onset, with peak levels shortly after injection.

Gradual absorption, with more stable levels over time.

Slow and steady release over several months, providing consistent hormone levels.

Maximum benefit is achieved after 90+ consecutive days of use.

Dosage Frequency

Typically weekly or bi-weekly injections.

Daily application is common.

Pellets are implanted approximately every 3 months for women and 6 months for men.

Daily or twice weekly.


Requires injections, which might be less convenient for some.

Easy to apply but requires regular daily application.

Very convenient after initial placement, with no daily action required.

Easy to take the daily pill, but twice weekly injections may be less convenient for some.

Side Effects

Potential for peaks and troughs in hormone levels and injection site reactions.

Can transfer to others through skin contact and may cause skin irritation.

Requires a minor, in-office surgical procedure with potential for infection at the implant site.

Aside from a rare headache, side effects are low for this approach.

Control Over Dosing

Dosage can be easily adjusted.

Dosage can be adjusted, but absorption rate may vary.

Once implanted, dose cannot be adjusted until the next implantation.

Dosing can be adjusted up to a maximum threshold, which may or may not be sufficient for meeting goals. 

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