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Bia Mesquita

Beatriz Mesquita is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) competitor with arguably the best female competitive record of all time in both Gi and Nogi, having won 23 titles at the black belt level in the four major Gi Championships.

With 9x gold medals as of Worlds 2019, she holds the record for the most IBJJF World Championship titles at the black belt level.

Beatriz was born in Brazil on the 7th of April, 1991, and began training at age five. She received her brown belt in 2009 and her black belt in 2011, both from her professor Leticia Ribeiro.[1]

In 2017, she defeated UFC fighter and 2x World Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Champion Mackenzie Dern in 64 seconds at their first competitive meeting in the Rio Falls Jiu Jitsu open.[5] In June 2018, Beatriz became the Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI) Women’s Bantamweight Champion submitting Luana Alzuguir in the Semi Final and Bianca Basilio in the final.[6]

At Joy Wellness Partners, Beatriz frequents the IV Lounge to benefit from its various natural vitamin infusions, and optimizes her hormones naturally with NP Carol Bender.

In the major Gi championships she is a:

9x World Championship champion
7x Pan-American Championship champion
4x European Championship champion
3x Brazilian Nationals champion

In the major Nogi championships she is a:-

5x World Nogi Championship champion
7x Brazilian Nationals Nogi Championship champion

She also won a gold medal at the 2017 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship in the 60kg category.[3]

Instagram: @biamesquitajj

Andy Murasaki

Andy Murasaki, a rising talent in the world of Brazilian JiuJitsu (BJJ), is a relentless grappler hailing from Tokyo, Japan. Born on March 26, 2000, Andy’s journey in martial arts began under the guidance of his father, Anderson Murasaki, who introduced him to the art of BJJ at a young age. Recognizing Andy’s potential, his father started coaching him in JiuJitsu when he was just eight years old, igniting a passion that would shape Andy’s future.

Growing up between Japan and Brazil, Andy found his calling in the grappling world despite the limited opportunities for BJJ in his home country. At the age of 15, driven by his passion for the sport, Andy made the bold move to the United States, a burgeoning hub for Jiu-Jitsu. Under the tutelage of renowned BJJ fighter and coach Caio Terra, Andy’s skills flourished, leading to his promotion to Purple Belt in 2017.

Seeking to further elevate his game, Andy joined the esteemed Atos Academy in 2018, under the guidance of Angelica Galvao, the team leader. Embracing Atos’s tradition of excellence in JiuJitsu, Andy’s dedication and hard work paid off as he climbed the ranks, and eventually earned his Black Belt from André Galvão in December 2020.

Since then, Andy has carved out a formidable reputation in the BJJ community, with an impressive list of achievements to his name. From winning multiple championships, including the IBJJF European Open and Pan Championship, to clinching victories against top competitors like Kennedy Maciel, Andy’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport.

In addition to his accomplishments on the mat, Andy has also ventured into coaching, sharing his expertise with students at the Atos Academy. His commitment to the sport extends beyond personal success, as he continues to inspire and mentor the next generation of grapplers.

With a relentless drive and a passion for excellence, Andy Murasaki stands as a shining example of perseverance and dedication in the world of Brazilian JiuJitsu. As a Joy Wellness Partners Athlete, Andy’s journey serves as an inspiration to all those who dare to dream and strive for greatness in their chosen endeavors.

Instagram: @andymurasaki

Tom Cronin

Tom Cronin began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Temecula, CA in 2008 as a way to spend time with his daughter, doing something they both loved.

Tom was fortunate enough to begin his training under Master Carlson Gracie Jr. and remains his student to this day. Tom began competing in Jiu Jitsu events two months after beginning his training and realized he loved the challenge.

In addition to winning titles in his divisions at every belt level, Tom began teaching students and found that helping others achieve their goals is an even more gratifying aspect of what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has to offer.

After a serious knee injury in a tournament, Tom discovered the amazing benefits of regenerative therapy through meeting Carol Bender of Joy Wellness Partners. Over the years, there have been many training and competition accidents that have had far less impact on his everyday life , thanks to the modern treatments he has received from his good friend, Carol, and her team at JWP. Now, Tom’s future is as bright as ever.

Tom currently lives in San Diego but still makes the commute daily to Temecula where he trains police and military personnel, helps special needs individuals and empowers people through BJJ. He has achieved multiple National and World titles while coaching in the UFC. Tom embraces these roles as his calling in life. In the field of BJJ, Tom’s contributions continue to add to the historical legacy of the Carlson Gracie Team.

Train with Tom

Instagram: @carlsongracieteam

Josh Wang Kim

Josh Wang Kim, based in San Diego CA, is an American Mixed Martial Arts fighter with Korean and Chinese roots. Together with his twin brother, John Wang Kim, they are known as “The Twin Dragons” given both their heritage and their ferocious performances when fighting in the cage.

Growing up, Josh and his brother were a rowdy pair and had a natural draw toward fighting. They fought other people; they even fought each other. When it came to entertainment, they watched martial arts movies and played fighting-based video games. It was when they turned 16 that they stepped into a dojo and began formally training. Their martial arts journey has been a rocket ship ever since.

The Rising Dragon

Between his amateur and professional records, Josh has a stunning 22 wins and only 1 loss via split decision. With a style that’s a hybrid of Muay Thai, Karate, and Taekwondo, Josh is known for his electrifying performances and stunning knockouts. Most of Josh’s fights are over within the first round. Ever dynamic, Josh finishes fights with punches, kicks, and a variety of submissions.

Primarily competing at 135 – 145 pounds (Bantamweight and Featherweight), Josh was the California Amateur MMA champion and has competed in various organizations including Epic Fights, Tuff-N-Uff, Ax Fighting, Cage Rage and more.

Most recently, Josh defeated Benji Gomez with a rear neck choke in UNF on May 21, 2022 in Burbank, CA.

Josh Wang-Kim is the 113th ranked of 713 active United States Pro Bantamweights.

The Future

Josh’s ultimate goal is to be among the elite in MMA. We are honored to support his wellness at JWP and are excited to be a part of the ride.

Instagram: @twindragons

Gabriel Bergami

Head Coach & Owner Alliance Chula Vista

Gabriel Bergami’s journey in Jiu Jitsu began under the influence of a close friend, a blue belt, who shared his passion for the sport. Their friendly competitions ranged from soccer to chess, but Jiu Jitsu always held a special place in their lives.

After attending his first class, Gabriel’s initial skepticism turned into a lifelong passion. Training under Professor Diego Latorre in São Paulo, Brazil, Gabriel quickly realized his love for competition.

His dedication and skill were evident from his white belt days.Early on, he recognized that participation in tournaments would have a significant impact on his improvement. This realization was pivotal, leading him to earn his blue belt within a year and a half and marking the start of his professional journey in Jiu Jitsu. Professor Latorre recognized Gabriel’s potential and offered him the opportunity to teach classes; this kickstarted his coaching career. Gabriel Bergami’s story is not just about his rise in Jiu Jitsu; it reflects his commitment to the sport and his desire to pass on his knowledge and skills to others.

‘’Being a professional athlete working with Joy Wellness Partners has been a huge advantage. From injury prevention as well as recovery from injuries, Joy Wellness Partners always pay close attention to a patient’s needs and provide optimal solutions such as peptide therapy and IVs for optimal health.”
-Gabriel Bergami

Starting Chula Vista

Gabriel Bergami’s journey in Jiu Jitsu took a significant turn when he decided to train under the esteemed Master Fabio Gurgel and Professor Michael Langhi at Alliance Headquarters. This strategic move enabled him to delve into Alliance’s foundational methodologies and train alongside elite athletes. Gabriel dedicated six years to rigorous training and competition while also imparting his knowledge through teaching. His involvement extended to contributing to the development of Alliance associations, marking a notable phase in his career.

Gabriel’s career reached a new height after his participation in the World Championships in 2017. This event led him to Professor Johnny Faria’s gym in San Diego, where he was invited to join the team due to his impressive teaching and training skills. Gabriel’s tenure at Alliance San Diego was marked by significant contributions to the kids’ program and beginner classes, reflected in the gym’s increased success. Eventually, he established his own Jiu Jitsu facility in downtown San Diego, creating a vibrant community of enthusiasts and athletes. He is now poised for an exciting new chapter: the opening of Alliance Chula Vista.


  • Bronze medal Nogi Worlds
  • Bronze medal Pan Ams Nogi
  • 2x American nationals bronze medal Gi and Nogi
  • Long Beach open champion
  • San Diego open champion Nogi


Instagram: @gabrielcbergami @alliancechulavista

Facebook: Alliance Jiu Jitsu Chula Vista

Website: https://alliancejjchulavista.com/

Chace Eskam

A two-time All American high school wrestler, he was also inducted into San Diego’s Sports Association Hall of Fame.

He followed up a successful high school wrestling career with an even more illustrious college one.

A 3-time PAC-12 place winner for Arizona State University and a 2015 PAC-12 finalist in the heavyweight division, he was named the 2015 PAC-12 Student Athlete of the Year. After overcoming cancer in college, he pursued an MMA career and currently boasts a 5-0 record with four of those wins coming by stoppage (2 submissions and 2 technical knockouts (TKO)).

On Friday night, October 29, 2021, Chace earned his California State title belt at Epic Fighting’s 47th event, winning after just 11 seconds in Round 1. As of November 2, 2021, he is the 1st ranked of 63 active California Amateur Light Heavyweights.

Eskam trains under Coach Jordan Herring at MMA Coastal Combat in Oceanside, CA, and is the current Epic Fighting light heavyweight champion and belt holder. Follow Chace as he pursues a career in the UFC.

And there’s more! Chace is also a cofounder of a burgeoning cryptocurrency business, ChallengeDac. The Challengeeos app aims to offer a user-friendly blockchain app that allows users to create and fulfill geo-specific time-sensitive tasks for real blockchain rewards. Check it out at

Eskam trains under Coach Jordan Herring at MMA Coastal Combat in Oceanside, CA, and is the current Epic Fighting light heavyweight champion and belt holder. Follow Chace as he pursues a career in the UFC.

And there’s more! Chace is also a cofounder of a burgeoning cryptocurrency business, ChallengeDac. The Challengeeos app aims to offer a user-friendly blockchain app that allows users to create and fulfill geo-specific time-sensitive tasks for real blockchain rewards. Check it out at https://www.challengedapp.io/

Instagram: @chaceeskam

Roberts Roosevelt

Roberts made his UFC debut on November 20, 2018 against Darrell Horcher at The Ultimate Fighter 28 Finale.

Roberts was born in Miami, Florida in 1994. After his mother left the family due to domestic violence, Roberts began living with friends and family members whenever they could take him in. Roberts began selling drugs and stealing to support himself. As a result, he ended up in a youth correctional facility in San Francisco, California, for a year. 

Roberts started to turn his life around at 19 years old when his daughter was born and he started training in MMA. He took his first amateur fight in 2014 and turned professional in 2016. Roberts trains at Adrenaline MMA in San Bernardino under head coach, Adam Rothwieler, and at Carlson Gracie Temecula under Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach, Tom Cronin.

After a 6–1 amateur career, Roberts started his professional MMA career in 2016. He amassed a record of 5–0 prior to his appearance on Dana White’s Contender Series 15 web-series program on July 21, 2018, where he faced Garrett Gross. He won the fight via a submission in the second round and was signed by UFC.

Roberts made his UFC debut on November 20, 2018, against Darrell Horcher at The Ultimate Fighter 28 Finale. He won the fight via a guillotine choke in round one, earning him the award of UFC Performance of the Night. His next fight came on April 27, 2019, against Thomas Gifford at UFC Fight Night: Jacaré vs. Hermansson. He won the fight via unanimous decision.

Roberts faced Vinc Pichel on June 29, 2019, at UFC on ESPN 3. He lost the fight via unanimous decision. Roberts faced Alexander Yakovlev on November 9, 2019, at UFC on ESPN+ 21. He won the fight via unanimous decision. Roberts was scheduled to face Matt Frevola on April 25, 2020. However, on April 9, promotional officials scrapped the pairing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roberts faced Brok Weaver on May 30, 2020, at UFC on ESPN: Woodley vs. Burns. At the weigh-ins, Weaver weighed in at 157.5 pounds, 1.5 pounds over the lightweight non-title fight limit of 156 pounds. He was fined 20 percent of his purse and the bout with Roberts proceeded at a catchweight. Roberts won the fight via submission in round two. Roberts faced Jim Miller on June 20, 2020, at UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Volkov. He lost the fight in the first round after verbally submitting to an armbar.

A bout with Matt Frevola was rescheduled and was expected to take place on September 12, 2020, at UFC Fight Night 177. On September 11, 2020, Frevola pulled out of the bout against Roberts, citing an injury. He was replaced by newcomer, Kevin Croom. Roberts lost the fight via a guillotine choke in round one. On November 4, it was announced by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) that the fight with Croom would be overturned to a “no contest, after Croom tested positive for marijuana. Roberts faced Ignacio Bahamondes on August 21, 2021 at UFC on ESPN 29. He lost the fight via knock out in round three.

Roberts has received ultrasound-guided regenerative treatments at Joy Wellness Partners. Since receiving treatment at JWP that has expedited his healing and recovery, Roberts tells others “this is the place I go if I get injured.”

Instagram: @thepredator_roberts

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