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Experience the pinnacle of upper-extremity care with Joy Wellness Partners, where our neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist therapy specialists are dedicated to alleviating your pain and restoring your range of motion. We understand that pain in the neck and arms can arise from various sources and intensify with activities or even rest. Our goal is to provide you with the best pain relief therapy for the neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist, utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.


“I was recommended by a family member that had a great experience. I went in for consultation and treatment after carpal tunnel pain in my hand and they found a tear in my elbow and also in the meniscus in my knee, in which they broke down treatments and my options. The procedure was fairly quick and somewhat painless, but the results were amazing. After recovery time, my hand pain went away, elbow and knee as well. They were friendly and patient with me, answering all my questions and concerns, and explaining in detail, so I could understand the whole process. I would recommend them for anyone who needs any of their services, and will be returning in the future. Thanks, Joy Wellness.”

Francisco F.

James H
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Understanding Upper-Extremity Pain

Shoulder Pain - A Complex Challenge

The shoulder, a nexus of various tissues and neighboring structures like the scapula, rib cage, neck and thoracic spine, often manifests pain through movement. When traditional diagnoses fall short, our ultrasound diagnostic exams pinpoint the exact issue, addressing the root cause for effective and sustainable shoulder joint pain relief.

Elbow Pain - More Than Just Overuse

Elbow discomfort, frequently stemming from repetitive motions, can lead to conditions like tennis elbow pain. Prolonged elbow pain warrants our expert diagnostic examination to reveal the true nature of the issue, whether it’s a sign of arthritis, an off-shoot of shoulder pain or a deeper, structural concern.

Wrist/Hand Pain - Delving Deeper

Wrist and hand pain can stem from myriad daily activities, making it essential to explore the underlying causes. From arthritis to carpal tunnel syndrome, our high-resolution ultrasound imaging provides a clear diagnosis, guiding us toward the best wrist pain relief options.

A Grateful Patient

Our Approach To Pain Therapy

At Joy Wellness Partners, we employ ultrasound-guided precision to ensure our hydrodissection injections and other regenerative therapies are administered accurately. Whether you’re seeking neck and shoulder pain relief or solutions for elbows and hands, our therapies are crafted to offer significant benefits:

Non-Invasive Techniques
Our safe, gentle yet effective therapy minimizes recovery time.

Diverse Natural Pain Therapy Options
Our therapy options include PRP, peptide therapy, shockwave joint therapy, A2M therapy and growth factor therapy to address a broad spectrum of pain and injury types.

Educated, Informed Decisions
Our providers assist you in understanding your condition and choosing the most appropriate therapy to ensure you receive the most effective pain relief.

Read more about our specialized services for your unique needs and goals:

Ultrasound Guide Injections deliver precision-targeted pain relief for joint and muscles.

Stellate Ganglion Block is an advanced nerve block technique for anxiety, PTSD and chronic pain.

Peptide Therapies are innovative pain treatments utilizing peptides for rejuvenation, anti-aging, weight loss and more.

Shockwave Joint Pain Therapy is a non-invasive soundwave therapy used for plantar fasciitis, joint pain and other sports injuries.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy to strengthen muscles and joints after injuries or ‘wear and tear’.

Alpha-2-Macroglobulin therapy for protecting the joint and cushioning joint cartilage.

Harness Growth Factor Therapy to boost the body’s innate restorative capabilities.

Nerve Hydrodissection Therapy is a gentle technique to relieve nerve entrapments and pain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand Pain

We provide a comprehensive range of therapies, including peptide therapy, shockwave joint therapy, and a vast array of ultrasound-guided injection therapies, including PRP, A2M therapy and growth factor therapy, all tailored to your specific needs as determined by a diagnostic ultrasound exam.

We utilize advanced musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging to accurately diagnose the cause(s) of your pain, ensuring we target the exact source of your discomfort.

During your consultation, our specialists will review your medical history, discuss your symptoms and conduct any necessary diagnostic tests. This allows us to create a personalized therapy plan tailored to your needs.

The duration of a session can vary depending on the specific treatment. Our team will provide you with a clear timeline during your consultation, but the treatment usually ranges from 15 minutes to 60 minutes in length.

Yes! It often takes a comprehensive wellness plan that combines various therapies and diverse approaches to most effectively address your specific needs and goals.

Recovery periods can vary depending on the therapy you receive. In most cases, there is a two-day to two-week recovery period after treatment. Our team will provide you with post-therapy guidelines and answer any questions to ensure a smooth recovery process.

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Don’t let pain limit your life. Contact Joy Wellness Partners today and schedule a consultation or diagnostic ultrasound scan. Our neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain therapy specialists are here to guide you through a personalized plan, ensuring you receive the best care possible.

Choose Joy Wellness Partners for comprehensive care with expert providers who will diagnose your issue, discuss available therapy options with you and provide a therapeutic plan for effective, lasting relief.

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