(nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)

NAD+, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a coenzyme essential to life, is present in every cell and critical in all cellular reactions in the body.

What is a coenzyme?

Coenzymes are small molecules that enhance the action of an enzyme. An enzyme is a protein that functions as a catalyst to mediate and speed a chemical reaction. At any given moment, all of the work being done inside your cells is being done by enzymes.

NAD+ contains unique neuroprotective properties, and is essential to life and critical to cellular biogenesis.

Neuroprotection refers to mechanisms and strategies that aim to protect the nervous system from injury and damage, especially in people who sustain an injury or develop a health condition that has neurological effects.

Typically clients report feeling an increase in energy, reduction in lethargy, and improvement in mood!

  • Increase energy, boosts ATP production in cells, increase metabolism, mood, energy and burns fat!
  • Improve focus, concentration, memory and reduce brain fog!
  • Slow the aging process and reduce signs of aging through cellular changes (telomere lengthening)
  • Reduce anxiety and the depressing symptoms in PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder.
  • Stop chronic pain and heals your body from the inside out.
  • Detox and reduce addictive tendencies.

NAD+ 250 mg | $400 1-2 hour infusion

NAD+ 500 mg | $600 2-4 hour infusion

Includes Health & Harmony infusion and Glutathione push

Benefits from IV NAD+ may continue to appear for several weeks.

Client experience varies depending on the degree of depletion.

Anti-aging Properties of NAD+

Emerging evidence implicates that elevation of NAD+ levels may slow or even reverse the aspects of aging and also delay the progression of age-related diseases.

NAD+ is essential for sirtuin activity. Sirtuins are indispensable for DNA repair.

Sirtuins are intimately related to longevity through their control of gene expression and require NAD+ for their activity.

Sirtuins are a family of proteins that regulate cellular health and homeostasis. Sirtuins can only function in the presence of NAD+.

Age-related decrease in ability to repair DNA causes increased damage accumulation and cell deterioration. Sirtuins repair DNA by limiting inflammation and promoting an antioxidative defense which makes them good anti-senescence/anti-ageing targets.