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1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise increases hormones necessary for brain health! Luckily, fresh air and exercise are still permitted in most areas. So, head on out for a brisk walk in your neighborhood but please remember to keep a safe distance from others and wear a proper face covering. At-home workouts are just as good! Switch it up, dance while making dinner, search the web for a free yoga class, or log on to youtube for an aerobic workout you can do in your living room.

2. A Good Night’s Sleep

When we sleep our brains heal, inflammation decreases and the brain rejuvenates. Get into a routine… read a book for 30 minutes before bed, turn your phone off and away from your bed.

3. Eat Healthy Well-Balanced Meals.

Healthy nutrition feeds the brain the nutrients it needs to stay focused and happy. Get plenty of vitamin D and Vitamin C. Make sure you are eating enough protein and getting omega 3 fats in your diet. Increase dark green veggies by adding them to smoothies.

4. Stay Mentally Active.

Do a puzzle, read a book, learn something new. Neurofeedback is a great way to strengthen your brain and increases Neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.

Learn more about neurofeedback

5. Stay Connected

Although we must stay physically distanced doesn’t mean we need to be Socially Distant. Get on a zoom call with your friends and family. Use Facebook messenger, or Instagram messenger. Call up an old friend you haven’t heard from for a while…I guarantee they are feeling the same way you are.

Taina’s Brain Health Tip: Give Gratitude a Try!

Make a list of three things that happened throughout your day that you are grateful for. When we start and end our day with gratitude our brain starts to fire in a healthy way instead of fight or flight response.

“I had great cup of coffee today.”
“That was a nice walk with my spouse.”
“What a great zoom meeting.”

JWP Partner, Taina Danahy, Co-founder, Brain Train San Diego.

Now is the Time for Self-Care!

Find out how you can take home a neurofeedback unit for some at-home self-care!

Are you or a loved one battling symptoms of anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, insomnia or neurological symptoms? Neurofeedback home training can help. Brain Train San Diego is currently renting neurofeedback devices.


To be added to our waiting list,  please see the list of Home Training Requirements below or contact us.

Neurofeedback Home Training Requirements:

1. Must have a computer or laptop with i3 processor or better with at least 8GB Ram and a Windows 10 OS. Mac OS is NOT supported
2. Rent Amplifier and UNLIMITED software access for a minimum of 4 weeks (first 2 weeks must be paid up front, weekly payment can be made each week after.
3. Be willing to train at home at least 3 days up to 7 days a week
4. Weekly check ins will be done through email or phone by Taina or Melissa (we will be monitoring your progress daily)

At this time, you DO NOT need a QEEG on file with us,
we can customize protocols based on symptoms.

Device Rental Fees
Normal Rental Fee $555/week*
March until end of May Price is reduced to $355/week*

*Includes unlimited training 1st Person, $300 for each family member after, can be used by multiple family members each individual has their separate login. More Info.

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