FSA & HSA Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an FSA or HSA card?

Also known as health benefit accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) allow you to use a portion of your gross salary or wages to cover any incurred medical expenses that you’d otherwise have to pay for out of pocket.
Not sure if you have an FSA or HSA? Check with your employer or plan administrator.

How much can I put into my FSA or HSA each year?

The new limits for HSAs for 2020 have increased to $3,550 for individuals and $7,100 for family coverage. For FSAs, individuals can contribute up to $2,750 to a health care FSA ($50 more than in 2019), whether individual or family. Important details: If employers provide health care FSA contributions, this amount is in addition to the amount that employees can elect.

How do you use FSA or HSA cards at JWP®?

JWP®/EA allows you to swipe your FSA/HSA to pay for medical-related services and products, in office or remotely. Ask the team at JWP®/EA add your FSA or HSA card to your account as a method of payment. You can then use your card to make eligible purchases.

Which items are FSA or HSA eligible at JWP®?

Everything on the JWP® list of services and products are FSA/HSA eligible. So are many EA services and products. Your FSA or HSA card can even cover the product tax and shipping.

Can you purchase over-the-counter (OTC) medicines with your FSA or HSA card?

In order to purchase OTC medicines with an FSA or HSA card, you need a prescription, which is provided by request by a JWP®/EA medical provider. Find out how to provide appropriate documentation to your FSA/HSA account by contacting your plan administrator or employer.

Are the same items covered by both FSA accounts and HSA accounts?

Yes, all eligible items are covered by both FSA and HSA cards alike.

Can you use an HRA card at JWP®?

Possibly. Reimbursement from Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) ultimately depend on your plan’s eligibility rules, so contact your plan administrator or employer for more information.

Are past JWP/EA purchases eligible for FSA or HSA reimbursements?

Yes! For more information on which items are eligible and how to provide proper documentation for reimbursement, contact your plan administrator or employer.

Can you use a Dependent Care FSA account for JWP® purchases?

Dependent Care FSA accounts are actually different from Health Care FSA accounts. Unfortunately, JWP®/EA does not currently offer products or services that are eligible for reimbursement through a Dependent Care FSA.

Do HSA funds expire?

No. HSAs do not have set expiration dates. That means you don’t have to worry about using your funds within a certain timeframe. Still, we recommend contacting your plan administrator for further details.

What should you do if your FSA or HSA card is declined?

If your FSA or HSA card is declined, contact your employer or plan administrator via the number located on the back of your FSA or HSA card. Most of the time, this is due to newly issued FSA/HSA cards, expired FSA funds, or unfunded accounts.

Whose healthcare products are covered?

Generally, eligible health care expenses incurred by you, your spouse and your children or tax dependents are covered by your FSA or HSA card. Of course, it’s a good idea to double-check with your employer or plan administrator for possible restrictions.

Can you return items purchased using an FSA or HSA card?

Yes, JWP®/EA accepts FSA and HSA returns. Your refund is issued to the original FSA/HSA card used for the purchase. Unfortunately, gift card refunds aren’t possible for items purchased using your FSA or HSA card.





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