Joy Wellness Partners Announces Partnership with Aspire Regenerative

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Joy Wellness Partners is proud to announce that as of Q1 2020, we will begin a strategic partnership with leading regenerative specialists at Aspire Regenerative in San Diego. Medical Director, Ryan McNally ND MS PA will be working conjointly with us to provide all our patients with the latest in adjuvant therapy that will help improve our already amazing outcomes at Joy Wellness Partners.

Over the years there has been mounting evidence that alternative therapies such as regenerative and non-Western medicine is providing benefit to patients who have been unsuccessful in treating their conditions using traditional Western medicine. Compounded with the growth of corporate interests within the healthcare industry that view patients as numbers and not as individuals, it is no wonder that many are flocking to alternative therapies by the numbers. Of the biggest movers and shakers in the alternative medicine space, regenerative medicine has been one of the fastest-growing and hotly talked about therapies.

Behind regenerative medicine is the core ethos that our own bodies have the necessary mechanisms to innately heal its own symptoms, and that all it needs is the right support in doing so.

At Joy Wellness Partners, one of our core treatments is the use of PRP & regenerative treatments, and/or exosome injections to assist in musculoskeletal repair, and is a critical alternative therapy for patients who have been told by their doctor that they have no choice but to undergo surgery. In our procedures, patients undergo ultrasound-guided injections right to the point of injury, allowing the active ingredients to work the first time, every time.

We have seen immense success in our athletes, firefighters, military personnel, and everyday individuals – allowing them to go back to their everyday lives relatively pain-free with improved mobility and a return to their everyday function. All whilst avoiding surgery!

As a first step in our partnership with Aspire Regenerative, Dr McNally and his team will be offering FDA-approved bundled Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy (HBOT) sessions to all JWP patients that have undergone PRP & regenerative treatments.

Oxygen is a critical ingredient in the body’s natural healing process and exposure to supratherapeutic levels of oxygen has shown to enhance the effects of stem cells through various methods including the stimulation of growth factors, colony-forming cells, and improve nitric oxide levels – an important vasodilator to improve blood flow to injured areas. In HBOT therapies, patients are placed inside a flat, windowed, pressurized chamber and exposed to oxygen for up to 60-90 minutes. During these sessions, the pressurized oxygen is rapidly delivered to injured tissues to improve the rate of repair, and patients are encouraged to focus on deep breathing exercises to maximize oxygen transportation. For effective and long-term healing, up to 60 sessions may be required, but this is vastly contingent upon the condition and injury type. Following each session, some patients may experience lightheadedness or fatigue, but it is typically transient and will subside. Patients whom would most benefit from this:
1. Recent musculoskeletal injuries – shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, joints etc
2. Osteoarthritis
3. Patients that have recently undergone other regenerative medicine therapies such PRP, exosomes, or Placental Tissue Matrix
4. Traumatic Brain Injuries
5. Concussions
To ensure our patients are getting the highest quality in therapy options, JWP’s founder Carol Bender NP herself has personally undergone personalized HBOT therapy on December 23, 2019 under the guidance of Dr McNally. As Carol herself describes it:

“My husband and I laid in the hyperbaric chamber together for one hour and we couldn’t help but fall asleep. Dr. McNally told us it would be like being 11 feet underwater. We quickly fell into a peaceful dream state, and when we were done, the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation lasted the entire day. We couldn’t imagine how great we’d feel if we went three times a week.”

Together with Aspire, we hope to expediently improve all our patient’s symptoms even quicker than we already are! This exciting new partnership should propel regenerative medicine even further into the 21st century, and both clinics are excited about the endless possibilities ahead. For more information about our bundled packages, please call (858) 609-0866 or visit our website.

Information about Aspire Regenerative can be found on their website on Alternatively, they can be reached on (888) 852-7747.

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