Adrienne’s Experience: Regenerative Medicine for Neurological Disorders

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Hello Carol,

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. The time and attention you’ve given my husband and me will never be forgotten. Every person we put you in contact with says the same thing. You and your mission to help desperate people will never be forgotten. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hello Adrienne, tell us about yourself?
My husband and I live in Texas and have raised three wonderful boys who are adults now. I was a personal trainer for 15+ years specializing in weight training and body building competitors. Fitness and cooking have been my passion for decades along with reading and collecting cook books.

I bet I have over 3,000 cook books at the moment!

When and how did your symptoms first occur?
Around Christmas of 2018 I was outside sprinting with our young boxer puppy when I fell in the driveway. I don’t actually remember the fall but I lay there for about 45 minutes, unable to get up. It felt like a weight was holding me down. We live out in the country so there was no one around to help me up. Eventually I was able to get up. At first, I thought maybe the dog tripped me but now I know that wasn’t the case.

What were you finally diagnosed with?
We visited several specialists, trying to figure out what was happening to me. After ruling out eye and inner ear problems, an MRI was performed on my brain.

It was devastating to learn my cerebellum was atrophying.

For those who don’t know about the cerebellum, it’s the back-bottom portion of the brain that controls motor skills, speech, balance, etc. Though it’s difficult to get an exact diagnosis, several neurologists suspect I have a disease called spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA).

What treatment options did your doctors recommend?
Unfortunately, there are no FDA-approved treatments for SCA at this time. The first neurologist told me to get a cane, a walker and a wheelchair because that’s how it’s going to progress. We even got the same response from a second neurologist. The first neurologist didn’t even want to schedule a follow-up appointment because there was nothing that could be done.

How did you learn about regenerative medicine and Joy Wellness Partners (JWP)?
Out of desperation and with no other options, we started to look for alternative treatments. We learned there was a place in Thailand performing PRP & regenerative treatments and specializing in brain disorders like mine. They were very nice and presented good testimonials. The downside was that each treatment would cost ~$40k (with travel).

Nevertheless, we were about to schedule the Thailand trip when a friend told us about JWP and gave us your number, Carol.

That’s when we first heard about regenerative medicine and the promise it is showing with all types of degenerative disorders. You put us in contact with a prior patient who recently had regenerative medicine injections at JWP for his balance problems and his story was miraculous. That’s when we decided to scrap the Thailand trip and head to San Diego. Not to mention, it was significantly cheaper!

Tell us about your results.
Results from the first treatment were immediate. To give you an understanding of my condition, the flight attendant actually asked my husband if I had too much to drink on the plane because I was staggering around as I left the plane upon arriving in San Diego. That was Thursday evening. My injections were Friday morning and by Sunday, I was walking almost normally and my dizziness had gone away. I should also mention that we had JWP also perform a stellate ganglion block (SGB) to help with my anxiety; this was also very effective.

Results from the first treatment were immediate!

What is your treatment plan going forward?
Since the first treatment went so well, we decided to perform the injections every three months for the first year, then move to a maintenance program of one a year. So far, I’ve had three treatments with the fourth one coming up in a few months. Unfortunately, my disease is progressive so we’re just trying to slow it down. Most importantly, they (Joy Wellness Partners) have given me hope when none existed. I still struggle with some basic motor skills and balance, but at least we have a plan, which is a lot better than sitting back and doing nothing.

What has been your experience with JWP?
Joy Wellness Partners is a very special place. It’s a so different from any other hospital or clinic I’ve been too. It has a clean and loving atmosphere where all the patients feel loved and cared for.

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