HORMONE LEVELS: “My doctor says I’m “normal,” but why don’t I feel good?

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Normal” ranges on lab tests are determined by averaging results of 20 to 80-year olds, with a majority of the sample group being age 50 and above. As a result, this average “normal range” does not accurately reflect optimal levels of hormones, which we can see in individuals who are young and healthy.

Remember how you felt when you were 20?

We have found that “optimal” is not the same as “normal,” which is why your hormone imbalance can easily be overlooked in traditional medical offices. Unintentionally, traditional medical providers don’t necessarily get the training needed to manage hormones comprehensively, and they may omit some crucial tests, like T3 free, thyroid antibodies, testosterone, and the MTHFR gene.  Or they may test your hormones, but then see results falling within “normal” range, and dismiss your case.

The goals of bioidentical hormone therapy, Biote, and JWP are to help our patients feel “optimal”, not just “average.”  We adjust hormone levels to reach optimal range, and moreover, to make sure the patient feels better at the end of their visit!

Through our advanced hormone training, we have learned that it is very important to evaluate the symptoms of the individual as well as what is shown by blood test results. There are some people who’s bodies may have accommodated to a lower testosterone level (because they have been living in the “normal range” for a while), and others who have symptoms that reveal a problem with living with low testosterone. In both cases, when we make a change and raise their testosterone level, clients tend to feel vitality return and a restoration of what they recall ‘normal’ feeling like. Our motivation for Biote and JWP is to help our clients feel like the optimal, best version of themselves.

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