Gluten-free friend

a group of friends ordering wine at a restaraunt

Everybody has “that” friend. You know who I mean. I’m talking about the person who asks for their salad without croutons, or who goes to the craft brewery and orders a wine.

It’s your gluten-free friend and these days, everybody’s got one (or more)!

Honestly, I myself dabble in the dark arts of gluten-free living. So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, gluten-intolerance is multifaceted. Some people have life-threatening autoimmune issues that are triggered by even the most trace amounts of gluten, and others simply feel best when they eat fewer dinner rolls. Wherever you are on that spectrum, emerging research is suggesting that it might not be the gluten that’s troubling you, but instead an herbicide chemical called glyphosate.

Read: We’re Not Gluten Intolerant, We’re Glyphosate Intolerant

This article details how the grains we eat soak up this chemical in a way that no amount of washing, cooking, or processing can remove.

Is everyone in America REALLY becoming gluten intolerant, or are we simply getting pumped full of this chemical?

Regardless, getting your grains from an organic source limits your chemical exposures, regardless of whether or not you want to go gluten free. Or of course you can always just fly to Australia and eat whatever you want because glyphosate is banned there. You do you.

Sophia Pavia, RDN



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