Peptide testimonial Tristan – What results did you notice?

Tristan is a 30 year old male who was referred to JWP after his qEEG scan at BrainTrain San Diego revealed anxiety, depression and insomnia. Additionally, his dietitian Sophia Pavia advised that he come for some additional peptide support for his gut. He was seeing the dietitian for his nausea, indigestion, bloating and overall abdominal discomfort. He and his partner were very eager to see what gentle and customized options existed for him in the world of peptides.

Have fun watching his Q&A about his experiences with peptides.

1. What attracted you to try a peptide or peptide therapy? How did you hear about it?

I initially heard about the various peptides available for various ailments through JWP, and was immediately interested in the BPC-157 for gut health, as well as the Selank nasal spray for anxiety and insomnia. The idea of using an amino acid chain that serves a specific purpose to aid the natural mechanisms of the body was very attractive as opposed to using traditional chemical pharmaceuticals.


2. What results did you notice?

The both the BPC-157 sub-q injections and the Selank nasal spray offered immediate relief of my gut issues (including nausea, indigestion, bloating and overall abdominal discomfort) and anxiety in a gentle non-sedating way. Additionally my partner and I started sub-q injections of CJC/Ipamorelin to aid in muscle development and post exercise recovery… We both found that our recovery time decreased and our post workout exhaustion was significantly reduced.


3. Were there any side effects?

Side effects were minimal for all peptides, primarily with the nasal spray, there is an acclimation for those not used to intranasal administration, however there was minimal discomfort compared to other intranasal medications. For the sub-q injections, there would very rarely be a superficial tenderness at the injection site, again with minimal discomfort.


4. Would you do them again? Would you recommend them to your friends?

I have been pleased so far with the results of all trialed peptide therapies, and will continue to used the above mentioned peptides to improve quality of life. Additionally, I highly recommend tailored peptide therapy for numerous different ailments and health goals. So far, I have seen positive results for friends and family who have also tried peptide therapy.

PS: I hope this is helpful, and feel free to adjust any of my responses to better fit the desired narrative, I do sincerely love peptides and highly recommend them so I give the green light to however you would prefer to phrase things.

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