Valentine’s Day: The Perfect Time to Improve Your Sexual Satisfaction

Ladies, have you noticed a decrease in your pleasure, less lubrication, pain during intercourse or an inability to orgasm? Do you want to improve your sex life in a natural way?

At Joy Wellness Partners and Enliven Aesthetics, we truly care about your sexual wellness and consider it an essential part of a high quality life. We often find that women seek out our wellness center for our natural approaches to improving their sexual health because it wasn’t addressed at their routine doctor appointment or, if it was, the options given were all pharmaceutical.We want to share about two of our favorite treatments: the O-Shot®, or “Orgasm Shot,” and the Shockwave Therapy.1. O-Shot:

Coined the “Lunch Break Procedure,” the O-shot is a relatively painless, non-surgical treatment that does not require anesthesia. It involves just two simple injections: one into the clitoris and one into the “G-spot” area of the upper vagina. The solution consists of natural growth factors from your own blood called Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). On the day of the procedure, patients check in, apply topical numbing cream, get their blood drawn and processed while they wait to get fully numb, and then receive the injections – all in an hour or less!  You can drive yourself to and from the treatment, and you can return to your normal routines without any downtime.

2. Shockwave Therapy:

Shockwave therapy is another groundbreaking “drug and surgery-free” procedure that uses acoustic waves to stimulate a cascade of biological effects that result in the healing and regeneration of the sexual organs. Shockwave therapy stimulates new blood vessels to bring regeneration to the G-spot, clitoris and vagina, as well as strengthening the muscles that keep you from peeing when you sneeze and cough! Like the O-shot, shockwave therapy enables your body to heal itself naturally. While the O-shot only requires one visit to the office, the shockwave therapy package is recommended as a series of 4-6 sessions, but each visit is less than 15 minutes each.

What treatment works best for enhancing your sex life?

The outcomes seem to be better when patients combine treatments: 4-6 sessions of shockwave therapy and an O-shot after the last one. This is because shockwave primes the tissue for the growth factors (i.e. PRP).

We are also available to counsel women on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We have seen a marked improvement in sexual desire and sex drive when testosterone (as well as progesterone, estrogen and thyroid) are optimized.

What benefits can I expect?

Less pain during sex (or no pain at all)
Increased ability to have orgasms, both clitoral and vaginal
Stronger and more frequent orgasms
Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
Increased vaginal lubrication
A tighter vaginal canal (if it has loosened, such as after childbirth)
A more elastic vaginal canal (if it has stiffened, usually after menopause)
Smoother skin of the labia
Decreased or resolved overactive bladder and/or urinary incontinence.

Am I a candidate?

Whether due to childbirth, aging, menopause or just wanting better sensation, all women can find benefit. We see women of all ages coming to receive the treatment because they notice they are peeing when they jog or sneeze, and they want to tighten up their internal pelvic muscles as well as improve their sex life. The O-Shot and Shockwave therapy treatments are not about vanity. They are here to restore an important part of your wellbeing – your sex life.

Are there other indications for these treatments?

Yes, here are a few of the other common indications for women to receive one or both of these treatments:

  • Lichens sclerosis
  • Episiotomy scars, or even scars at the site of stitches post vaginal delivery
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Chronic pain from interstitial cystitis
  • Vaginal atrophy or desire for enhanced tightness


You can enjoy intimacy this Valentine’s Day – and beyond. Call 858-609-0866 to book a complimentary consultation!

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