Does Biote Hormone Replacement Therapy Really Work?
A Client’s Testimonial

after results of a middle aged man after taking hormone balancing therapy treatment. He is significantly smaller in the chest and stomach.

According to our client, David, it really does work in providing great results! 

Have you considered trying Biote hormone replacement therapy, but you weren’t sure about whether the results were successful? Well, we’ve got great news for you–and so does David, one of our clients! 

Read David’s glowing testimonial and look at his stunning results below to see if Biote hormone replacement therapy is the right treatment for you (psst–it probably is!)

Hey superstars and friends, 

I just did a 14 day fast for spiritual and personal discipline. This fast has helped me restart my system with bone broth and I’m beginning to workout lightly. Just to give you an update, I am currently down 15 pounds to 220, since my last treatment. My body fat is down by 10 points alone along with my BMI (Body Mass Index) which is also down 9 points. BAMM!

I’m just getting started!

I remember 18 months ago, before starting Biote hormone replacement therapy at Joy Wellness Partners, I was frustrated, feeling fat, and unhappy at 257. I asked Joy Wellness Partners if they could help me get my energy back, because I was not able to lose any weight. 

Now here I am and I thank you Carol and everyone at Joy Wellness Partners for what they do. I have never received such quality personalized care. 

I feel healthier, stronger, more energized, and ready for what God has me to walk through this next season in life. Thank you! 

P.S. Those jeans are a size 33 when I normally wear a size 36. It looks like I went down 3 notches in my belt. 



David, a grateful client.

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